Center on Race and Wealth
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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Economics
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The mission of the Center on Race and Wealth is to enrich research, dialogue, and policy formation related to asset building, wealth accumulation, racial wealth disparities, racial disparities in law enforcement, poverty, and inequality.

To carry out this mission, the Center enlists a team of experienced researchers at universities across the country to initiate and conduct rigorous original studies on these critical issues. The target audiences for this work include policymakers, advocacy groups, and the broader public.

The work of these academic researchers is supported by research assistants from the Ph.D. economics program at Howard University.

The Center’s location in an economics department and in Washington, D.C. uniquely positions it to bring together economists and public policy professionals to address central issues facing the nation.

Research partners include: University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Research on Poverty and the Center for Financial Security

At least 25% of African American families had no assets to turn to in times of economic hardship.
– Institute on Assets and Social Policy May 2010

An estimated 41.7% of Black households and 37.4% of Latino households lack enough net worth to subsist for three months at the poverty level without income, as compared to 16.4% of White households.
– United for a Fair Economy January 2011

Median wealth for single Black women ages 36-49 was $5 compared to $42,600 for single White women in this same age group.
– Corporation for Enterprise Development Spring 2010

An estimated 21.7% of Black households and 19.3% of Hispanic households are unbanked compared to 3.3% of Whites.
– Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation February 2009

In 2009, the homeownership rate for White households averaged 74.8%, compared to 46.3% for Black households.
– U.S. Census Bureau February 2010

African Americans were roughly 20% more likely to go into foreclosure than similarly situated Whites. 
– Jayasundera, Silver, Anacker, & Mantcheva 2010

An estimated 60.4% of White women receive retirement income from assets compared to 25.4% of Black women.
– Corporation for Enterprise Development Spring 2010

Based on the Housing Opportunity Index, 80.3 % of White families could afford a home in 2010, compared to 53% of Black families and 51 % of Hispanic families.
– National Home Builders, 2011

College of Arts and Sciences Department of Economics